Tuesday, 5 November 2013

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TV star figures in Syria
uprising and pays a price 

Anaheed Fayyad, a Syrian-Palestinian who also acted in "Bab el-Hara," left weeks after the uprising broke out, saying she had been critical of Assad in public and on Facebook and worried that her family would suffer.
"Although I've been unemployed and without any income for three years, I feel free to say what I please without fear," said Fayyad, 30. "So I say that I'm with the revolution wholeheartedly and that Assad is an illegitimate president, in the wrong place, and should be removed."
HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED A LITTLE BOY DIE OF HUNGER BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES BEFORE? Damascus (Yarmouk Camp): Nov 2, 2013 - His name is Abdulhay Yousef. He’s 4 years old. He’s a Palestinian refugee living in Yarmouk Camp, Damascus. He starved to death yesterday as Assad’s forces continued their crippling siege of the neighborhood, not allowing anything, not food, not medicine, nothing into the camp.
There are still many who dare champion Assad as the leader of the resistance, as pro-Palestinian.

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