Friday, 15 November 2013

File photo of US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford. (AFP)

Robert Ford: Syrian regime
blocking aid is ‘criminal’
"What I can tell you is that lines of control have only shifted a little bit week to week. The regime has made some advances outside of Aleppo, but the regime also lost a very big supply depot in Homs and they have also lost ground in Dera’a. And so this war continues without either side being able to deliver a decisive blow. It is a bloody war of attrition, and that is why we and the United Nations and other countries are urging that there be a negotiation to try to find a political settlement and stop the bloodshed."
If there is a stalemate with a massive inequality of arms, then the rebels could win if the Americans allowed the gap to be redressed. They would rather stitch up a deal with the Russians.

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