Sunday, 13 October 2013

Local Coordination Committees
Messages to the world

"Syrian Regime continues shelling and besieging the cities, trying to suppress the popular revolution that Syrians started. It is applying a severe siege in Mouadamiyeh Al-Sham in order to make it starve and  keep it away from the revolution, but the Syrians refuse to retreat whatever the cost is. So in ( Our Weapon Are For the Fronts Not For Liberated Areas) Friday, coordinating committees activists raised signs of solidarity with Mouadamiyeh Al-Sham in each of Douma, Zabadany,and Madaya in Damascus Suburbs, Tadef in Aleppo,and  Jableh in Lattakia  in demand of decoding the siege and taking immediate action to provide food and medicines to the people, also they raised slogans insuring what they have learned in the revolution  of the importance of team, organized work in achieving the revolution objectives, and the importance of showing the revolution moral ethics and  that what distinguishes the real rebel is his work and morals."

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