Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The M60 Song

"ATGM impact on theatres in Deraa, Aleppo, S. Idlib, RIf Dimashq, and Hama have shifted some long-held dynamics lately. Latakia the same.
Military relies heavily on tank-led artillery defence. Neutralising tanks leaves less impactful systems, more vulnerable to ground forces.
…so far, majority of ATGMs deployed in northern Syria have been seized systems: primarily Konkurs, some Kornets.
[ATGM = Anti-Tank Guided Missile]"
Weapons the West could have provided any time in the last year, and we wouldn't be hearing about refugees and massacres. At some point I might explain how the scare that Israel was going to bomb Russian ships was obviously a put-up job all round to scare the Americans off arming the FSA because of a set of non-existent dominoes that would topple as a result.

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