Wednesday, 3 July 2013

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Russia reports pullout from small base in Syria

Will the last American out of Saigon please pull the rope up into the helicopter. About the following quote it could be said that the Russians can see the writing on the wall, or that Syria just isn't that important.
'Given the Assad government’s gains, the Russian decision to pull out of Tartus might represent a calculation about potential intervention, either from the United States over the regime’s alleged chemical weapons use or from Israel, which has said that it will strike if advanced surface-to-air missiles are delivered to the Syrian regime, according to Andrew Tabler, a senior fellow at the Washington Institute.
“It would explain something that otherwise seems counter­intuitive,” Tabler said. “If the regime is doing well, you don’t close your base.” '
From a week ago. Also suggests they won't be bankrolling an Assadite mini-state on the coast.

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