Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Interview With Colonel Aqidi Of The FSA On Qusayr, Jihadists, And The Supreme Military Council

Interviewer: What about the execution of the fourteen-year-old boy in Aleppo?
Aqidi: Once I arrive in Aleppo, I am going to investigate it. I am sure Islamist groups are not behind this act. Some groups claim to be Islamist or FSA but in fact, they are regime-made and consist of secret police and shabeeha. Last week a brigade commander was trialed and executed because his acts were doing harm to the reputation of the FSA. His name was Mahmoud [.........], he headed the Unified Army of Muhammad, and his deputy’s name was Abu Taleb.
(When asked about the latest call for Jihad in Syria)
Syria does not need foreign fighters because this will make it another Afghanistan, what we need is arms and money. We prefer arms to money because the latter is spoiling the revolution.

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