Sunday, 5 August 2018

They said no to this killing régime

 "There is no doubt that the régime has lost legitimacy. We demand the release of our living detainees, and the bodies of those who were killed. We say that these killers in the Assad régime have to be put on trial. We, in the town of Hass in the Idlib countryside, show solidarity with the detainees' relatives. At the same time, we express the deepest condolences to them."

"Syrians who were imprisoned in 2102, 2013 & 2014 are the real detainees. They were the first demonstrators that took to the streets. They said no to this killing régime. We must know where the detainees are after all these years of oppression."

Image result for Syrians in Idlib’s Hass hold solidarity with fellow detainees

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