Monday, 23 July 2018

Syrian Régime Doing Everything to Eliminate White Helmets

 'Rami Jarrah says the White Helmets commitment to saving people being attacked by the Syrian government is like a “fork in the front of the Syrian régime”.

 “The Syrian regime has led this propaganda against the White Helmets, basically claiming that they’re connected to al-Qaeda and that they don’t support people, they don’t help people and they’ve brought in Western journalists to try and prove this.”

 Rami says the only reason Israel assisted in the evacuation of the White Helmets is because to get to Jordan the evacuees had to pass through the Golan Heights which is controlled by Israel.

 He says it’s ironical that while many people are angry that somehow there is a collaboration between those that oppose Syrian President Bashar Al Assad and Israel, it isn’t really the case with many not understanding the perspective the Syrians have been placed in.

 “They’re are being attacked by a government that “sold” them the idea of standing up to Israel when in fact when the peaceful popular uprising started in Syria in 2011, it was actually people demanding on the government to have an actual real stand against Israel and not a fake one where they are actually protecting borders with Israel.”

 Rami says with the evacuation of the White Helmets, there are currently no organisations assisting the Syrian people.'

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