Wednesday, 27 June 2018

We live with dignity, or we die with honour. We will not surrender to the régime of injustice.

 'In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

 Praise be to God, and may prayer and peace be on the messenger of Allah.

 The decision has been taken by Houran's* rebels, Military Operations Room, Associations and Organisations. Our resistance and steadfastness are our only choices. We have achieved the free will that makes victory, after the whole world gave up and left us to face victory and freedom.

 We continue our battle, with our hope and loyalty to the revolution. We look forward to victory.

 Our revolutionaries are achieving victories on various fronts. The military campaign by the Assad régime and its militias, supported by the Russian occupation warplanes, which have followed a scorched earth policy for nearly 8 days, although it resulted in them advancing in many areas of Busra al-Harir and Mleila al-Atsh, has cost them a lot and their losses are great, a
fter a complete inability to confront the rebels on the ground.

 Southern Syria will always be hard and strong, and will not give up, God willing. The fearful governments, that could not protect their agreements, see them violated before the world's eyes. Their concern for the South translates into letting the options be limited to negotiation, humiliation and submission.

 The real translation comes from the battlefield. In fulfillment to the blood of the martyrs, the demand that detainees be freed,  and the return of the displaced.

 Houran announces public mobilisation to join fighters defending it, and will recruit their sons be be under the Operations Room leadership and guidance. And this support of the people for its military leadership, is the key to victory, God willing.

 We in the Central Operations Room, are doing what we can to keep this promise, that we have given to our people. There will be resistance and steadfastness, under the fire of bombing and the lava of warplanes. And we have patience that Assad's gangs, militias and criminal accomplices can never match.

 Our words have united in the South in one clear vision and decision. We will never compromise on the principles of revolution. We value things accurately and in the right balance. We demand the world live up its responsibilities, and abide by its agreements, which should lead to a comprehensive solution at the national Syrian level. Which protects the country from war, and protects the dignity of the people.

 We say to our people, we will never surrender. We have taken our decision, and we will defend our land on military or political battlefields. We live with dignity, or we die with honour. We will not surrender to the régime of injustice. 

 Mercy for our martyrs, healing for our wounded, and freedom for our detainees.' 

outhwestern Syria. []

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