Friday, 12 January 2018

Syrian regime arrests one of the most prominent leaders of its militias because of Harasta

Syrian regime arrests one of the most prominent leaders of its militias because of Harasta

 'Syrian intelligence arrested one of the most prominent leaders of local militias in Syria after a series of defeats in the military Vehicles Base in the city of Harasta of Eastern Ghouta.

 Pro-regime Facebook pages such as "Republican Guard Lair" have confirmed the arrest of the commander of the Qalamoun Shield militia, Captain Firas Jazaa, and referred to the investigation after confiscating his weapons and the equipment of his own group.

 On the other hand, the news network "al-Asema" dedicated to report the news of Damascus province and its countryside reported that the leadership of the Third Division in the army of the regime dismissed the officer, "Firas Jazaa" from his post as commander of the militia, "Qalamoun Shield" and sent him to be investigated against the background of what happened in the battles of Harsta as several groups and militants escaped withdrew and defected from the Jazra militia.

 The militants of Qalamoun Shield are taking part in several fronts, notably Homs, Hama and in various areas of eastern and western Qalamoun, as well as their recent attacks on the eastern Ghouta fronts.

 The Qalamoun Shield militia was founded in early 2014 and includes fighters from cities and towns that have entered into reconciliation with the regime, such as Yabrud, al-Tal, Qarra, Jeroud and Nabek, and are supported by Russians via the Hameimim military base.

 In November, the eastern Ghouta factions announced the start of a battle "They Were Wronged" to control the Military Vehicles Base in Harasta, and after several attacks they were able to capture the Base and caused losses for the Syrian regime of dozens of human lives , as well as material losses in equipment.'
'Harasta's Vehicle Management base has been taken, it's estimated there were 200 régime force members there, some were captured, others killed.'

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