Thursday, 9 November 2017

FSA Army of Glory Commander - Anyone who doesn't realise the régime's eventual goal is to capture all the liberated areas is delusional

 "Jamel al-Saleh says they have liberated four villages and four hills, and repelled many régime attempts to advance.

 He says between destroyed and captured vehicles, the régime has lost 25 vehicles. And in the past week, the régime has had 200 KIA in the NE Hama battles, and there are also captured régime fighters.

 He says the régime's eventual goal is to capture all the liberated areas. Anyone who doesn't realise this is delusional. He says the régime won't stop at any specific town or location. The régime uses the fake ceasefire agreements, which some factions have agreed to, as a way to concentrate on one area at a time.

 He says the Astana process has failed to release a single political prisoner, and hasn't been able to relieve the siege of the besieged areas. The régime continues to attempt to advance and shell areas of Hama, N.Homs, Ghouta, Daraa, etc. The negotiations are a lie.

 He says the responsibility for the blood being spilled throughout the liberated areas is on the factions that went to Astana, and are sitting and doing politics and not fighting. There purpose should be to fight the régime militarily.

 He says they will continue to fight the régime as long as they have the ability to do so or until the régime is defeated."

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