Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Syrian Regime Forces Loses Strategic Areas In Northern Hama


 'At the beginning of today, the Syrian regime and its militias lost several military positions following a military operation launched by several military factions in the northern Hama countryside.

 According to media sources affiliated with the Syrian regime, its troops retreated from al-Qahera, Al-Shaatha, Al-Talisiyah and Al-Suda hill near the town of Ma'an in the northern countryside of Hama, military factions have not released information yet.

 The Russia warplanes launched several air raids on the villages and towns of the northern Hama countryside, as well as rendering two Hospitals in both Kernabal and Khan Sheikhun out of service as a result of the raids.

 The northern Hama countryside has been relatively calm in the military operations since entering the de-escalation agreement on the 4th of May, but the regime forces attacked the opposition factions in violation of the agreement in both the Janaba and al-Zalkeyat and seized them north of Hama.'

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