Sunday, 11 June 2017


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 Rami Jarrah:
'Assad and Russian forces have escalated attacks on the southern Syrian city of Daraa with the city yesterday alone witnessing 86 barrel bombs, 19 air strikes and 90 surface to surface missiles on civilian populated areas.

 Over 65 people have been killed and hundreds wounded including around 20,000 civilians that have been displaced due to the ruthless campaign that started on the 1st of June just over a week ago, with Hizbollah a Lebanese Iranian backed militia also participating on the ground in this widespread assault.

 Activists are calling on communities across the world to shift their attention to the city of Daraa towards demanding for an immediate stop to the continuous murder of civilian livelihood regardless of whatever pretext.

 What should no longer come as a shock to anyone is that the Syrian regime intends to cripple any opposition to its power with whatever consequences and Russia is working ruthlessly alongside Assad's killing machine in making sure that task is carried out effectively and the loss of civilian life is not only the least of both their concerns, but in fact a necessity towards accomplishing their goals.

 Let us not turn our backs on the people of Daraa.'

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