Thursday, 27 April 2017

Corbyn is talking Shite on Syria again

 Oz Katerji:

 'Corbyn is talking SHITE on Syria again.

 Let's pick it apart bit by bit so you can see why he is deliberately pushing bullshit on gullible people:

 "We don't need unilateral action, we need to work through the UN"

 Russia continuously uses its UNSC veto to block any and all meaningful resolutions on Syria. It has blocked the UNSC condemnation of the Khan Sheikhoun chemical massacre. Corbyn is either being wilfully deceitful or is exposing a shocking naivety that renders him unqualified to be Prime Minister.

 Furthermore, Corbyn has frequently opposed the Libyan No Fly Zone. The No Fly Zone in Libya was, you guessed it, UNSC mandated. Corbyn is actually opposed to UNSC mandated military action. His calls for doing things through the UN are completely meaningless, and he knows this, and so do his pro-fascist ideological advisers Milne, Cockburn, Murray, Galloway et al.

 "We need to bend ourselves totally to getting a political settlement in Syria"

 Everyone wants a political settlement in Syria except for the Assad regime. The SNC's plans, which are backed by the British government, call for free and fair elections with international observers and a transition out of power for Assad. Corbyn has repeatedly ignored this option, Corbyn has repeatedly refused to call for Assad to step down or transition out of power at all. The question isn't whether there should be a political solution in Syria or not, the question is what that political solution looks like, how can it be achieved and how can individual actors be held accountable for their actions. Furthermore, any deal that is passed through the UN needs to be enforced, how can we enforce that deal when Corbyn refuses any and all military action?

 "Allow the inspectors space to work, allow them to make sure we know who did the terrible chemical weapons attack"

 Firstly we know who committed the atrocity, it was Assad. The munitions were fired by Syrian regime air craft, they contained Sarin with traces of Hexamine, this type of Sarin is only in the hands of the Syrian regime, only the Syrian regime have the logistical capacity to have carried out this attack. This attack hit a Syrian opposition area, the motives are perfectly clear for the Assad regime.

 Furthermore, Russia is blocking the investigation and so is the Assad regime. They have spent the last few days attacking the UNOPCW as a partisan organisation. Assad and Russia fear independent investigations, the Syrian political opposition have openly called for it, as has the US, France, Turkey, Britain and the rest of the international community.

 "Also recognise that the inspectors there are already destroying any stocks of chemical weapons"

 No, this is a falsehood. OPCW have finished their work "destroying" Assad's chemical weapons stocks. It has repeatedly been shown that Assad has not surrendered all of his stockpiles of nerve gas. Assad and Russia are actively blocking further OPCW work. Corbyn is again either hopelessly ignorant or being wilfully misleading. He again fails to mention that the chemical weapons in question belong to Assad, a man he does not name at all in this interview.

 "The issue has to be finding a political solution so that the millions who have been forced to flee from Syria are able to return home"

 The vast majority of these millions fled Assad, a man Corbyn again refuses to name. The vast majority have clearly and explicitly stated they can not and will not return to a Syria with Assad at the helm. Again, Corbyn refuses to address this and refuses to call for Assad to step down. The "political solution" line is just words to shut down debate. It is a false dichotomy to say there is either a military solution or a political solution, any political solution needs to include accountability and enforceability, those are the hard things that Corbyn can not and will not talk about.

 "There has to be a political solution and that is what we are looking for"

 The British government, along with the Americans, have been pushing for this "political solution" since 2012. Multiple "peace" initiatives have been tried in Geneva, Vienna and Astana. They have all failed, namely because the Assad regime uses negotiations as a chance to make further military gains on the ground backed by Russia and Iran. He does this by starving and bombing civilians in the hope that they will surrender to him. This is what Assad's political solution looks like, and by extension, this is what Corbyn's political solution looks like. A political solution under these terms is a negotiated surrender for all anti-Assad forces and the endorsement of the regime's ethnic cleansing campaign, such as their devastation of Aleppo, which has been labelled by the UN's human rights body a "war crime". Corbyn's shadow foreign minister Emily Thornberry openly endorsed this war crime as a solution to end the fighting in Aleppo in Parliament. That's right, a supposedly progressive MP in the country's most left wing opposition in generations actively called for the ethnic cleansing of Aleppo in Parliament.

 Let me be very clear, Corbyn has no Syria policy, none whatsoever. It is absolutely indefensible. You can argue for voting for Corbyn for whatever reasons you like, but if any of you attempt to portray his Syria position as the moral or sensible option then don't be surprised when history labels you a Chamberlainesque appeaser of mass murder.'


  1. Well said. Thank you.

  2. Thanks go to Oz Katerji. Thank-you for reading.

  3. Replies
    1. yes your comment is utter nonesense I agree

    2. The rebels are mostly jihadis and islamists.

  4. Where the fuck are you getting your facts from?

  5. Jeremy is against war if a peaceful solution can be reached. We cannot instigate a regime change it is not our country, the USA tries to police the world to impose regimes they like. Its no use just bombing Syria, and all 59 cruise missiles missed their mark and Assad was warned by the USA so they could remove their 'planes.' Even Mrs May said there must be a diplomatic solution, at first. Its too easy to bomb and be bombed. If Russia etc are refusing to lift their veto Boris should have gone to Russia instead of refusing to go. Its up to the UN to decide what to do its really irrelevant what anyone thinks its what the UN does that's important here.

  6. Barry Krishna - peace be with you.

    brightonik - From Syrians and others who have closely observed what Assad has done to Syria. See the other 3600 posts on my blog if you would like to check. []. Which facts in particular do you object to?

  7. Anonymous - you have obviously failed to even read the post. Please try again.

  8. what utter rubbish. publish your source confirming Asaad carried out the chemical attack. governments round the world don't have this information. are you a so significant that military are informing you instead. You do not bomb a sovereign nation again. we do not want to exacerbate an already complex and volatile situation. diplomacy, not bombs

  9. Unknown - We have a clear account of what happened, that the sarin was dropped in bombs over Khan Sheikhoun. We even know the name of the pilot who dropped them. By contrast, the Assad/Russian story that they had hit a warehouse in which the rebels were storing sarin is full of holes.

  10. To be fair, what the heck has it got to do with Corbyn, the UK, the UN, Russia or anyone else? You are saying we (UK) should take action against a sovereign nation - because you don't like their boss! You condemn Corbyn for saying no - we shouldn't be attacking we should be diplomatic and seek a political understanding. I wonder if you would support Assad deciding he supports military action against the UK as he doesn't like the PM. Very silly, immature and un-thought out piece of anti-Corbyn, right wing vitriole.

  11. Agree..Oz is spending too much time spreading his false narratives...No evidence has been provided by the US or Western allies on the chemical weapons attack...despite saying its incontrovertible..And no UN investigation on the ground has been called even though they have been invited by the Syrian and Russian forces to go to the base...And now after such a long time people will say all the evidence is gone..The least you could do would be to show the irrefutable evidence..Bollocks

  12. Peter Watts - Mass murder affects us all. Having a diplomatic agreement that it should continue is why half a million Syrians have been killed already.

    An Expose - A series of lies. Your first sentence immediately suggests that you spend your time attacking Syrian solidarity activists. Plenty of evidence has been produced by the first responders at the scene, the Turkish hospitals that confirmed thwe presence of sarin, the French analysis that shows the samples contain hexamine, just like the government stocks of sarin used to attack the Eastern Ghouta in 2013. The Russians blocked any investigation at the UN Security Council. The only question left is do you spread misinformation for fun or because you get paid to do it?

  13. What a load of unmitigated horseshit. That's 10 minutes of my life I won't get back.

  14. Ffs you lot are fucking stupid. Sorry to swear, but your vapid 'prove Assad did it' comments are such utter drivel that it makes me want to stick a fork in my own penis. Your knowledge of the situation out your bedroom window is fucking zero, let alone that in Syria, but this doesn't stop you mouthing off your latest vanessa Beeley inspired want fodder without a moment's hesitation, or an effort to think independently.

    If you were truly left wing, you'd be protesting against fascism, in all its forms, not stuck at home, wanking off to. Jeremy waxing lyrical about pacifism, and how he's really rather a nice bloke, actually, whilst hundreds of thousands of oppressed continue to fucking die.

    You fucking arseholes.

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