Friday, 17 March 2017

Emphasis on the fundamentals of the Syrian revolution, a statement on the sixth anniversary

 'We, the signatories from all parts of Syrian society, declare six years after the start of the revolution full adherence to the goals for which the revolution was started, freedom, democracy, dignity and justice for all individuals and groups, without discrimination or exception.

 We demand that the following items be the priority in any negotiation process overseen by the United Nations in order that ethics and legality are maintained:

 I Begin the process of political transition, which includes the exclusion of Bashar al-Assad from power, because to gamble on the continuation of his régime, after all the crimes they have committed, by imposing a fait accompli by force, means insisting on keeping Syria in a dark tunnel, and means feeding extremism and sectarianism, and keeping Syrian society in an irrational state.

 II The release of all the régime's political detainees without conditions, and the opening of detention centers overt and covert to international human rights organizations. This applies to detainees held by any other organization accused of arrests or kidnapping.

 III Bring the perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the régime during the past six years to justice, with international courts ensuring the right of Syrian victims to seek redress. The same applies to any armed force accused of such crimes on Syrian territory.

 IV Ensure the right of displaced Syrians to safe and voluntary return to their country, and considering all the forced displacement agreements void and without legal effect.

 V. Remove all armed militias affiliated to any state from Syrian territory.

The political transition,the liberation of the detainees, the holding accountable of all those responsible for the crimes, the return of the displaced and the departure of all foreign fighters from our country are the right of all the suffering Syrian people, which cannot be alienated or waived by any local or international power, and we call upon all Syrian, regional and international powers to shoulder their responsibilities towards them.'

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