Monday, 27 March 2017

Al-Bab residents rebuild town saved from Daesh

Al-Bab residents rebuild town saved from Daesh

 'The people of Al-Bab are busy bringing the northern Syrian city back to its former state following its liberation from Daesh. Civilians have been returning to their homes since Turkish-led Operation Euphrates Shield removed the terror group in mid-February. The city's population, which was once down to almost 20,000 under Daesh, has recovered to around 80,000. Al-Bab now looks like a massive construction site, according to an Anadolu Agency reporter in the area.

 One returnee is Sherif Konli, who lost two relatives in the fight against Daesh.

 "We are rebuilding our homes. I hope Bab will see better days and we will live a more peaceful and free life."

 Ahmed Bushi is another resident who has almost completed the re-construction of his house. Until the work is finished, he and his family will be staying at a neighbor's house, which he says is in better condition. Daesh terrorists seized most of their furniture and goods, after which his home was destroyed in an aerial attack, he says.

 "My only consolation is that we are still alive; property can be earned again," Bushi added.

 "Bab will see its old days again," he said and expressed gratitude to the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which also helped civilians fix the city’s infrastructure after the terror group was driven out.

 Turkey has also given all kinds of support to the people of Al-Bab to help normalize life in the town and to ensure residents can safely return to their homes. Since late August, Turkey has been carrying out a military operation in northern Syria. Led by FSA fighters, Operation Euphrates Shield aims to improve security, support coalition forces and eliminate the terror threat along the Turkish border.'

 '500;000 displaced people arrived in FSA controlled "Euphrates Shield" -strip at border to Turkey so far from all areas of Syria.'

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