Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Rebels capture strategic town in Syria's northern Hama province

Smoke billows from Atshan after pro-regime forces captured the village as part of their offensive across central Hama province, on October 11, 2015

 'Syrian rebels captured the strategic town of Halfaya in northern Hama province in an overnight offensive that overran several army and pro-government checkpoints. "We are now cleansing the town after liberating it from the regime and will have more surprises in store," said Abu Kinan, a commander in Jaish al Ezza, a rebel group that fought in the town.'

 'Fighters meet up with their relatives again after the liberation of Helfaya.' [https://twitter.com/CombatChris1/status/770307349802287104]

'1000s of civilians fleeing from Helfaia to rebel areas further north, fearing Russian & Assad airstrikes.'

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