Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Syrians view Israel as the defender of the Assad regime


 'Regarding the American policy toward the Syrian conflict, Susan Ahmad, a Syrian human rights activist from the Damascus suburbs and a reporter of Akhbar al-An, a Syrian site that documents ISIS crimes in the Middle East, fiercely criticized the American administration for ignoring the distress of the Syrian people.

"The behavior of the American administration is the utmost weakness and hypocrisy of humankind and is a mark of disgrace in the history of America, which paints itself as the champion of human rights. Unfortunately, while the US preaches for freedom and honor, it has not done enough to stop the fighting and put the killer (the Syrian president, Bashar Assad) on trial. It is hard to predict how the new American president will act toward Syria, especially if it will be Donald Trump, who expressed hatred for Muslims. If he would be elected, I hope that he would at least not damage Syrians if he would not help them.

 The Kurdish units are part of the regime that kills civilians. ISIS is humanity's enemy, but the decision to support Kurds and strengthen them is another sign of weakness. It enables the Syrian regime to kill civilians and draw the world's attention to the fighting between the Kurds and ISIS.

 The UN can enforce a resolution of military intervention in Syria under Chapter Seven of the UN charter. The entire world can pressure Russia and the regime to stop carrying out airstrikes against hospitals and civilians. Aleppo is exterminated while the entire world watches, sitting idly by and allowing the Syrian regime to continue massacring civilians.

 How could it be that after five years of bloody war, Israel is still considering whether to help the Syrian people get rid of their dictator?! Honestly, many Syrians view Israel as a mere defender and partner of Assad's regime, claiming that it provides Assad's forces military and political support that enables them to continue killing Syrians.

 If the world would have wanted to solve the refugee problem, it would have stopped Assad's crimes and put him on trial for the war crimes he had committed. If the world would have wanted to prevent people from starving to death, it would have obligated Assad to lift the siege on besieged areas or it would have dropped food to people by airplanes instead of allowing airplanes to shell these people." '

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