Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Morning They Came For Us by Janine di Giovanni

Atma camp Syria

 It's useful to understand that the régime's use of rape as a weapon has made it impossible to live again under it's rule, and has silenced the victim's voice to the extent that it doesn't appear at all in the mainstream media's There Are Atrocities On All Sides narrative. We here about ISIS and sex slaves, we hear nothing about this atrocity.

Robin-Yassin Kassab:

 "The fear of rape is perhaps the greatest factor in making the rebellious population flee. Giovanni gathers victims’ experiences both as journalist and as a UNHCR researcher, and she recounts the double trauma of violation and retelling. Here the tragedy accumulates. Searching for rape survivors in Atma camp she comes across a burned 11-year-old, his mouth “nothing more than a hole” his nose non-existent, his ears flaps of skin “stretched tight into pink crevasses”.

 Giovanni attended the aftermath of the regime’s August 2012 massacre of at least 300 civilians in Darayya, a suburb west of Damascus. The war correspondent Robert Fisk, she notes, entered Darayya on the same day, embedded with the regime army, and described the rebels as the perpetrators. Giovanni went in with civilians, interviewing locals. None of them corroborated Fisk’s story. Nor did Human Rights Watch, nor Darayya’s local coordination committee. Of course, once Giovanni’s article appeared, her Syrian visa was revoked."

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