Friday, 6 May 2016

International Bodies threatening to cease donations to medical institutions if they mention that Assad regime has bombed them


 'One employee at a major medical institute working in Aleppo has revealed that a discussion took place on Thursday [sic 27/04/2016] in one of the institutes complaining from the pressure donors are imposing on them to be “neutral” and not give any statements that would accuse the Assad regime of launching attacks against those medical facilities. Mutasem Alsyoufi stated on his Facebook: “the same donors had no problem if the accusation subjected JN [al-Nusra Front], ISIS, or even the moderate armed groups because they are “not state actors”.

 Alsyoufi also mentioned that a number of workers at those Medical Organisations were martyred in the Assad regime’s air force attacks over Aleppo, adding that “apparently, the real international community is the one unveiled in the Panama leaks not the UN or the Universal declaration of human rights”.

 The Assad and Russian invasion forces had earlier targeted more than one Medical Center, the latest of which was the UOSSM Center providing healthcare in the Marjah area of Aleppo, that had it completely destroyed and rendered inoperable.'

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