Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Syrians in Switzerland on the ‘Geneva 3’ talks

The start of the talks in Geneva was met with protests (Keystone)

  Hani Abbas, a Syrian-Palestinian cartoonist:
 "Enough! We cannot be in the 21st century and look on while a people are being completely annihilated. I do not hold any hope for these talks for a number of reasons, including the failure of the “Geneva 1” and “Geneva 2” talks and the presence of many obstacles that are essentially related to the nature of the talks. After five years of criminality, bombardment and displacement, the eyes of the world and Syrians should be looking towards the International Criminal Court to put on trial all war criminals, instead of focusing on re-polishing and re-manufacturing the Syrian regime and involving it in these Geneva talks."

Chadi*, human rights activist
 "Before anything else, justice must be administered. This would help solve the humanitarian problem as soon as possible, but also create Syrian unity when all its citizens become equal, regardless of their religion or ethnicity. Justice will also ensure the departure of Bashar al-Assad, which is the key to all other issues."

Zyed Akkad, aid organiser
 "When the Syrian revolution erupted, the students, intellectuals and others called for freedom and dignity, which the regime met with brutality. That is why our priority is to get rid of this regime, which has destroyed the country and displaced the people."

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