Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Yousef Seddik, Syrian journalist: “There is a secret deal between Assad and ISIS”

Alep, le 13 novembre 2015.

  "For Youssef Seddik, director of the press center of Aleppo, the Western media talk too much about Daesh. And not enough about the revolutionaries fighting to get out of hell.
 Aleppo is separated into two parts as was Berlin. The western part is under the control of the forces of Bashar Assad. The centre is under the control of the revolutionary forces. Daech recently entered the region from the east. The artillery and aerial bombing are daily. Many people have left. But a significant portion of the population resists. In the eastern part of the city, there are five hundred thousand inhabitants of the three million there were before. Those who remain are trying to build a civil society, with neighborhood committees to deal with empty houses, manage daily life and the care of basic needs. But for a month and a half, Russian aircraft have bombed us, and each day the bombing is worse. We've seen devices that had never been seen before, faster, more powerful, with a special explosive charge. Sometimes we saw four to six planes at once. They never leave the Aleppo sky. It is estimated that Russian forces hit 5% Daesh and 95% the revolutionary forces. These attacks cause a new exodus. One hundred thousand people have fled.

 It's eerie. Daesh takes all the space. Western media show everything that comes from them while other moderate Islamist groups have a much solid popular base in Syria. Revolutionaries and other Islamist groups are composed of normal people who are fighting for noble causes, that of their people, to get out of this hell. Daesh does not represent Islam, it deceives youth, it uses them as one would throw wood into the fire, it is a holocaust. They are monsters, criminals, traitors, Islam has nothing to do with that. And we talk too much Daesh. Really, it's been two years now talking about them constantly. We talked about it to begin with excessively while Daesh had not the strength it has today. It is reinforced with Mosul in Iraq and the battle after it took the army barracks and ammunition depots in north-eastern Syria. In our fictional battles. There is a secret agreement between the Assad clan and Daesh. Assad leads imaginary battles against Daesh, he leaves arms dumps to them without a fight, as we have seen in rural areas near Homs, and Palmyra. In return, Daesh do not attack Assad's forces and even blew up 
Palmyra prison, a symbol of the tyranny of Assad: it had no interest in documenting this and thus erased all trace and record of the torture practiced here for years by the regime. 

 France and the West cannot beat Daesh. They must first dry up its funding, oil that pays them two million dollars a day. But there will be no results until Daesh faces ground forces supported by airpower ... And the revolutionaries, there will be no total war against Daesh if Bashar Assad is not eliminated first. This is the target number 1. It was he who helped create Daesh by releasing hundreds of Islamists in May 2011. It may seem strange to Westerners, but for us, the worst terrorist, is not Daesh, but Assad. A terrorist in modern dress and civilian clothes.

 The revolutionaries in Syria have never sought war; on the contrary, have always sought to demonstrate peacefully to change the dictatorial regime. It is this regime that has imposed war on us. We have lost many friends there and sacrificed a lot in order to free our people. Our defeat would mean the victory of dictators, and the loss for humanity in the sense of struggle for freedom. We will not allow this to happen.

 We received number of journalists in recent years and we are ready to welcome who wants to enter Syria. Nothing threatens journalists in areas controlled by the revolutionaries. Neither Daesh nor the Assad regime have any power in the liberated areas. If there is a danger is that resulting from aerial bombardments or the risks inherent in journalistic work in combat zones."

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