Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Assad regime jets bomb Douma Syria killing civilians

 It's only in the Syria Direct headline that you get the full truth of what is happening. The Mirror¹, quoting the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said "unidentified war planes" hit the town. For NBC², they were "government airstrikes" in the text if not in the headline. For Yahoo! News³, they were "airstrikes on rebel-held areas". The Independent said they were "a barrage blamed by some activists on Russia", though they do call them "pro-Assad airstrikes" in the headline, and quote an activist on the ground, they call them near rather on a school, and give the Syrian state News Agency space to claim with no proof that this was just a response to rebel shelling, as if it would be any justification. And that's how the daily mass murder by Assad and Putin is reduced to a confusing tragedy to which we can see no solution because we never have the cause identified.

¹"Harrowing video of Syrian children calling for their mums after air strike kills 49 people"[]
²"Kids Cry for Mom after Airstrikes in Syria"[]
³"Children Call for Their Mother After Strikes on Douma"[]
⁴"At least two children among 28 civilians killed by pro-Assad air strikes 'near school' in rebel-held area of Damascus

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