Saturday, 15 August 2015

The statement of the people of Zabadani about the agreement being drafted in Turkey

السلطة الرابعة : هـــــام : بيان أهالي الزبداني حول الاتفاق الذي يجري صياغة تفاصيله في تركيا !

This is an offer by Iran to exchange two Shi'ite villages in Idlib province that have served as barracks for Hezbollah's occupying forces now surrounded by rebels, for the evacuation of Zabadani, thus legitmising the sectarian partition and occupation of Syria.
"We, the sons of Zabadani who fought and will fight the Iranian regime and the forces of occupation in every inch and every house do not accept any Syrian citizen to come out of their homes, and do not accept that we go out of our homes. All we ask is to live in freedom and dignity in our country or die honorably defend them ..."

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