Thursday, 23 July 2015

Son of Former Ambassador Threatens Zabadani's Residents

'Haydara Sulaiman, son of the former Ambassador of the Assad regime in Jordan, wrote that on his Facebook account on a photo that shows Zabadani's civilians holding banner that says: " We want safe passage to the cemetery, to bury our martyrs."
Haydara, who has always been a big fan of Assad, replied to the sign saying (Cynically): "Why safe passage, we will provide you with bulldozers, fuel and matchsticks ... Don't be anxious!!!"
It's worth mentioning that Zabadani city is completely surrounded by the regime and Hezbollah, after it was the destination of displaced families who fled their houses in other areas. The city is under daily brutal shelling with vacuum missiles, barrel bombs and artillery that killed dozens of civilians, amid fierce resistance shown by opposition forces who are trying to stop regime from capturing the city.'

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