Friday, 19 June 2015

Is Iran paying Afghan mercenaries to fight in Syria?

"From there, some have joined the fight against IS."
Half a minute in, James Lobel uses these words, which ruin his report. The Iranians are recruiting Shi'ites wherever they can to prop up Assad's sectarian régime fighting against the real rebels, but according to this account, they are going to fight the people who chop people's heads off and make sex slaves of Yazidi women. Not cool. Maybe not anti-Muslim in intent, but all the claims that Muslims in Syria are all crazy jihadists, if you give weapons to so-called moderates they will only end up with ISIS, have the same effect. Note too that the video of captured Afghans, from the Revolutionary Forces of Syria media office, is labelled as "couldn't be independently verified", like every demonstration of the facts from the rebels opposed to both Assad and ISIS since the revolution (or bitter civil war if you will) began. Assad's pronouncements are not labelled, "could not be independently verified", just the occasional vague doubt expressed when he comes out with the most blatant lies, such as there being no barrel bombs. This is how the anti-Syrian media narrative is created, by allowing confusion to prevail, making it all about ISIS, with it looking like Assad and the Iranians are fighting them.
I see that rs21 have a new magazine out tomorrow, with a picture of migrants in a boat, and the headline "Borders Kill". I would hope that it would point out that the largest group of refugees trying to get to Europe are Syrians, that they are overwhelmingly fleeing from Assad, not from "the conflict in Syria", and that the reason they have to flee is that the US has refused to allow the Syrian rebels the anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons that could have brought Assad's rain of terror to an end. But I don't expect it to say anything of the kind.

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