Saturday, 16 May 2015

Dr Amira Abo el-Fetouh

You fool our nation, I tear your picture

"This same hand that hung your picture fondly and proudly on my office wall, considering you an icon and symbol of the resistance against the Zionist enemy is the same hand that tore your picture today with disgustedly and disdainfully.
Hezbollah entered Syria to rescue the murderer Bashar Al-Assad and eliminate the Syrian people after the army failed to end the war in its favour. Nasrallah is bragging about his achievements in Syria and forgot all he, and his leader, Khamenei, had said in the past about standing by the helpless and vulnerable people in the world. Is the killer Bashar Al-Assad considered helpless and vulnerable while the Syrian people who revolted to demand their freedom and dignity are considered brutal tyrants who are stamping Al-Assad with their boots?
Nasrallah and his party fooled us, but I thank God that we are finally seeing the light and they they are being exposed."

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