Monday, 18 May 2015

Syrian Rebels to Rohingya: Invitation for 500 Families Trapped at Sea

Syrian Rebels to Rohingya: Invitation
' “We know full well what it is like to suffer from hunger and anxiety.  We can barely maintain what we have but as the Prophet said: ‘Food for 2 is enough for 3′.  Hopefully we can stretch it bit more, but we can’t sit by and watch our brothers and sisters die at sea and do nothing.”    
Their plan is to convince Malaysian or Indonesian authorities to allow 500 families to come ashore and be escorted directly to the airport on a chartered flight to Istanbul wherein Turkish authorities would be asked to escort several chartered buses to the Turkish-Syrian border where they would be met and taken to a refugee camp on the Syrian side.'

Robin Yassin-Kassab:
"The incredible revolutionary Syrian people understand the importance of solidarity, even when they have been denied it."

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