Monday, 6 April 2015

The Jabhat Al Nusra, a Proscribed Islamic Militant Group in Syria

The Nusra Front’s Game-Changing Rise in Syria

"Nusra’s pragmatism means that it wants to be represented at the table when a political deal on Syria is formulated, and that, coupled with Nusra’s popularity, is why it is a more significant threat to the regime than the Islamic State.
Instead of putting Nusra and the Islamic State in the same basket, the West should look beyond the Nusra Front’s ideological affiliation and encourage its pragmatism as it seeks an end to the Syrian conflict."
I'm not sure everything in this article has the right emphasis, al-Nusra does seem more committed to the fight against Assad than against the FSA. Incidentally, all of the rebel factions in Aleppo apart from al-Nusra have united under the Free Syrian flag.*
ثوار حلب يتفقون.. علم الاستقلال هو علم الثورة

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