Saturday, 14 March 2015

destroyed aleppo

With World's Attention Turned To ISIS, The Syrian Regime Ramps Up Bombings On Civilians
“Every day, [Bashar al] Assad’s fighters drop barrel bombs,” 24-year-old Suliman Alhalaby, who lives in a rebel-controlled area of divided Aleppo, told The WorldPost over Skype. He says he’s lost 20 friends and relatives to the bombs -- cylinders filled with fuel, nails and shrapnel, and chucked out of helicopters. “It’s a horrible sound,” he explained. “Year after year, Assad is becoming more dangerous.”
“All our people have [been] disappointed,”  said Ahmad, a 27-year-old law student-turned-aid worker in Aleppo. “All the governments in the world don’t care about the suffering of my people.We know that ISIS was made by Assad to say to the international community: ‘I am fighting terrorists,’”

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