Thursday, 26 September 2013

Chapter 24

 The BBC teletext section on the Syrian Conflict has been replaced by one on the Nairobi Attacks. Move on, nothing to see here for a while.

 Here's a quick guide to the next round of media interest, so you can sleep through that one. There will be a resolution discussed at the United Nations Security Council about the Assad government's possession of chemical weapons. The US, Britain and France will insist that the resolution must include a reference to Chapter 7, which is the authorisation of the use of force, if Assad doesn't give up his chemical weapons. The media will spend a couple of days discussing what this means for the geo-political balance, the Russians and Chinese will say no, you can't have a Chapter 7 authorisation, you can't even have a resolution that condemns Assad for the Ghouta attack, or for the bombing of civilians, or the denial of food and medical aid to civilians. A watered down resolution will be passed, and everybody will go home. Except for the Syrians who have no homes to go to.

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