Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Report reaffirms Syria chemical weapons use

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 'Al Jazeera's diplomatic editor James Bays, reporting from the UN, said that western members of the UN Security Council blamed the Syrian authorities for the attacks as only they had access to helicopters.

 US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power tweeted that "32 witnesses saw or heard sound of helicopters as bombs struck; 29 smelled chlorine. Only Syrian regime uses helos ." '

 Those shitheads who denied Assad's responsibility for the sarin attacks last August look more stupid every day. The idea that it was a US hoax designed to enable Iraq Mark II is ever more foolish in the light of the lack of action by the US or anyone else. Even now there is no threat to take action if the Security Council fails in its responsibility to protect the Syrian people from these war crimes, as the US prefers to use Syrian suffering as a card in its competition with Russia than to bring it to an end. Still it is Russia that has the main responsibility for the destabilisation of Syria and the region, by supplying Assad with weapons and denying his crimes.

 The Guardian reports photo is captioned, "The UN Security Council has been intensely involved in the issue of alleged chemical weapons use in Syria." The is headlined, "Syria Used Chlorine Gas In Attacks", but then says the experts failed to apportion blame, and we hear the lies of the Syrian régime and the Russians before a truncated version of Samantha Power's remark is added as an afterthought.[…/syria-chlorine-chemical-weapon…]

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