Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Amidst heavy snow and fuel shortages, wood fires choke Dera'aAfter four years, I'd call it a strategy rather than a tactic, but that's chessplaying for you. Of course it's illegal, but half the world thinks that punishing Assad for war crimes would be an American trick to take over the Middle East, and the other half don't care.
"Abu Jamil, the head of a local village council in the rebel-held east of Dera’a, said his village was experiencing an acute shortage of heating materials, particularly diesel. After four years of war, Abu Jamil sees this as a tactic.
“Diesel is a basic necessity for the people of Dera’a. This shortage is collective punishment by the Syrian regime, punishing all the civilians who live in areas controlled by the opposition. They’re depriving us of all living services, including heating methods,” he said."

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