Friday, 26 December 2014

The Islamic State is failing at being a state

When stuff breaks down, they get desperate. It doesn’t have a whole lot of engineers and staff to run the cities, so things are breaking down.”
 ISIS exists because the world abandoned Syrians fighting against Bashar al-Assad, and so a vacuum grew up in the desperation of the areas outside his control, where his siege and bombing made any sort of government impossible, and so these Four Lions style barbarians, who didn't waste energy fighting Assad nor he them, could destroy the Syrian revolution. If Syrians were given the means to deal with Assad, ISIS would soon be a distant memory. Things are a little more tricky i
n Iraq, where American support for Iranian-backed Shia sectarian hegemony has put many Sunnis on the same side as ISIS, but the central problem is not the limited amount of American bombing that has killed some ISIS and some civilians, but their toleration of the Iranian-backed militias that have committed mass murder , particularly in Syria, and their refusal to give the Free Syrian Army the support it needs to eradicate the greatest source of violence in the region, the Assad régime.

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