Wednesday, 12 November 2014

President Bashar al-Assad

BBC News


"We're talking to the people of the Syrian conflict."
My low hopes that the BBC's couple of days on Syria would spread anything but confusion
were lowered hearing Jeremy Bowen interviewing a volunteer for the Red Crescent in Damascus.
No mention that she is working on the government side, that rather than facing occasional casualties
from mortars, those civilians
targeted by Assad face the most horrific injuries and death from his barrel bombs, just comments like,
"The people there are crazy sometimes." I thought the item on Syria's disappeared* might avoid this
false equivalence by pointing out that it is Assad who has arrested tortured and murdered tens of
thousands, not the opposition; instead we get, "Held incommunicado by the regime or militant groups"
and "Yet many more Syrians are also suffering at the hands of kidnappers from violent rebel groups
or government security forces."


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