Thursday, 4 September 2014

U.S. has no Syrian plan

 I was thinking yesterday about the number of air forces with the capacity to take out the ISIS headquarters in Raqqa, and no apparent inclination to do so so far. There's Assad's, Iran, the US, Israel; probably Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Turkey too.

 "Tuesday, the target was Jobar, in the Damascus suburbs, and Wednesday it was apparently a school bus in Deir al-Zor. And every day it is Aleppo, which is being pounded by barrel bombs, and other sites across the country, struck with a ferocity seemingly reserved for civilians and moderate rebels – for when the regime occasionally decides to strike ISIS, it does so rather mutely.

 Thankfully, it appears the U.S. and its partners have realized that even though they share a common enemy in ISIS, the Syrian regime cannot be trusted. But unfortunately it does not appear that they have any clear strategy to combat the threat posed by ISIS in Syria, and this is despite us knowing exactly where certain ISIS units are at any given time, as they constantly publicize their territorial gains. They are not an invisible enemy."

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