Thursday, 28 August 2014

Heavy Use of Banned Cluster Bombs Reported in Syria"Although the report did not specify whether government forces or insurgents were using them, munitions experts have said that only the Syrian military has the technical capability."
There's another New York Times report about human rights abuses, with a précis* on the Middle East news page saying each faction is doing it. No, it's the Assad régime and ISIS that systematically carry out crimes against humanity, not the actual rebels, and all the reporting that just tells us how confusing Syria is doesn't help.
“It’s a sign of lawlessness, the use of such arms, and that’s why it’s not surprising the worst place is Syria, because it’s the most lawless conflict on our watch,” he said. “It is a conflict where there are no principles left, no norms left.”
The Syrian people who suffer these crimes still have principles and norms.
* "A United Nations panel reported that brutality in the civil war had increased, as each faction resorted more to massacring and torturing civilians."[…/wo…/middleeast/syria-conflict.html…]

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