Saturday, 30 November 2013

Instead of allowing food to besieged areas, the regime pressures Syrians to evacuate or face starvation, adding to the displacement crisis.

Hunger Strike, Day 4: The Regime
Tries to Make a Deal
Qusai Zakarya"Starving a population is illegal. Food should have no preconditions. The regime proposes a conditional ceasefire with the FSA living in our town, but made ridiculous and illegal preconditions! They want us to raise the regime flag inside Moadamiya and they also want all those who are not originally from Moadamiya to leave the town. That means me too, because I’m originally Palestinian. Even though I grew up in this town, they don’t count me as real citizen of Moadamiya...
After a long and tiring day, I lay on my mattress, aware that my weakened body is trapped under siege in Moadamiya, but a strange feeling overcomes me, a feeling that my spirit is free, free to visit all the places I love in Syria, to walk the streets where I used to work and where my friends and I hung out, free to go to Homs where I went for university. This strange feeling leaves me happy.
My body is depleted and exhausted but my spirit is free and happy."

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