Monday, 28 October 2013

Syria rape victim

What's going on in Syria is about a
lot more than chemical weapons

CraigSummers >ATrueFinn
27 October 2013 12:51pm
".....The US and UK
have a history of wars of aggression and violent crackdowns on peaceful demonstrations. It is amazing how you defend these countries......"
Changing the subject is fine - if you have nothing to counter the argument for your support of Syria. Your hatred of the US/UK is not an argument on why you support Assad - because there are no good arguments. If all of this was happening in Bahrain where the US has a military base, you would be beside yourself condemning the US and their complicity in the murder of people in Bahrain to protect US interests. Instead nothing about Russia. Nothing about Hezbollah/Lebanon. Nothing about Iran.
Your problem is that the US has had absolutely nothing to do with the war in Syria so you bring up irrelevant history. Anti-Americanism is really easy to distinguish from somewhat who is REALLY concerned about "crackdowns" on innocent civilians.

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